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The department was established on August 1, 2005, to align with the school's transformation from "National Taichung Teachers College" to "National Taichung University of Education." The department was initially named "English Teaching Department" and was renamed "English Department" on August 1, 2006. The establishment of the department symbolizes a milestone in the university's development into an outstanding institution and its commitment to cultivating talents with an international perspective for the country. Since its establishment, the department has continuously enhanced its faculty and facilities, and in 2017, a master's program was established.

Over the years, the department has been led by various department chairs, including Professor Meei-Ling Liaw, Professor Su-Ching Chai, Professor Yu-Kuang Cheng, Professor Ya-Yin Wang, and Professor Yueh-Nu Hung The current department chair is Professor Hsing-hao Chao.


  • Curriculum Highlights

     The curriculum emphasizes foundational language skills, covering listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation. Supplementary courses in literature, linguistics, English teaching, and applied English provide a well-rounded blend of theory and practical application. The department offers a dual-track system, catering to both teacher and non-teacher education paths. Aspiring educators can pursue teaching qualifications through specialized courses, while others have access to diverse subjects, fostering language proficiency, literature, linguistics, and practical skills like translation and interpretation.

International engagement is actively encouraged, offering students opportunities for global cooperation and exchange, with subsidies for studying abroad and potential credit exemptions. The faculty, comprised of experienced members with doctoral degrees, actively contributes to English language teaching and regional competitions, ensuring students receive practical training. Each semester, the department hosts special lectures by scholars, fostering academic and non-academic engagement. The faculty's research spans English language teaching, literature, multimedia instruction, children's literature, applied linguistics, and Chinese-English translation and interpretation. In summary, the department provides a diverse curriculum, preparing students for success in various professional fields through language proficiency and a global perspective.