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Get off at Taichung Railway Station, take Bus No. 11 left, 27, 32, 290, 323, 324, 325, and get off at National Taichung University of Education Station, then walk from the main campus to the Yingcai Campus (at the intersection of Minsheng Rd. and Yingcai Rd.), and it will be about a five-minute walk to the campus.

※ Get off at Taichung Railway Station and take a taxi to No. 227 Minsheng Rd. It takes about 7-8 minutes.

※ Take the Kuo-Kuang (via Zhonggang Road) and get off at National Taichung University of Education Station.

※ Take a shuttle bus from the THSR station to SOGO Department Store Station or Tucu Parking Lot Station (at the intersection of Wuquan W. Rd. and Zhongming S. Rd.), and then take a taxi to the entrance of the Yingcai Campus, No. 227, Minsheng Road, National Taichung University of Education.

Take Transportation Drive Southbound Route:

Southbound Route:

※ Get off the freeway at the Zhonggang Interchange, follow Taiwan Avenue in the direction of downtown, turn right at Yingcai Road, go straight for about one kilometer and turn left at Minsheng Road, you will reach our Yingcai Campus.

Northbound route:

※ Take the off-ramp from Nantun Interchange or Zhongchang Expressway, connect to Wuquan West Road, go straight along Wuquan West Road to the bottom, turn left to Wuquan Road, turn left on Wuquan Road to connect to Yingcai Road, turn right on Yingcai Road to connect to Minsheng Road, and you will arrive at our Yingcai Campus