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                                                  PPTELL 2024:

Impactful Technologies and Computer-Assisted Language Learning 


PPTELL 2024誠摯邀請提交摘要,該摘要應基於專注於全球的科技增強語言學習的理論或實踐,且涉

及但不僅限於本次主題: 影響深遠的科技和語言學習:

  • Collaboration between Technological Industries and CALL/TELL researchers

  • Second language acquisition theories and technology enhanced language learning

  • Technologies for multilingual and multiliteracy development

  • Technologies for intercultural learning and communication

  • Technologies and language teaching in early years education

  • Technologies integration into EMI

  • Technologies and ESP courses

  • Technologies and language teacher education

  • Teacher identity and believes

  • Approaches and methods to researching technologies-enhanced language learning

  • Technologies and language assessment

  • Technologies for equitable language education

  • Multimodality and technology-enhanced language learning/teaching

  • The sustainability of impactful technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Adaptive learning systems for customized content and recommendations.

  • Chatbots and virtual tutors powered by AI for real-time assistance.

  • Online Learning Platforms:

  • How online learning platforms, such as Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy, enable learners to access education from anywhere with an internet connection and their effects on language learning

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

  • How VR and AR technologies make making learning more engaging and interactive for language learners.

  • Gamification:

  • Educational games and apps and their effects on motivating students to achieve learning objectives

  • Mobile Learning:

  • The use of mobile apps and responsive websites for learners to access educational content on-the-go.

  • Open Educational Resources (OER):

  • Freely accessible educational materials and its impact on language learning.

  • Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud-based platforms facilitate collaborative learning, document sharing, and remote access to educational resources.

  • Big Data and Learning Analytics:

    • Using data and learning analytics to track student progress, identify at-risk students, and optimize curriculum and teaching methods for better outcomes.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP):

    • NLP technologies power language learning apps and tools that can provide instant feedback on language proficiency, grammar, and pronunciation.

  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics:

    • Machine learning algorithms can analyze large datasets to identify patterns and trends in education, helping educators make data-driven decisions to improve student performance.

  • Video Conferencing and Collaboration Tools:

    • Tools, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, have become essential for remote and hybrid learning, enabling real-time interaction between teachers and students and facilitating group projects.


  1. 演講科技展示:

  • 展示人說明產品研發及特色、教學應用。

  • 演講包括討論時間為30分鐘。

  1. 海報科技展示:

  • 海報格式為A0

  • 海報內容包含產品研發、特色和語言學習之應用。

  • 展示者應於海報展示期間說明。

  • 海報展示時間為50分鐘。


    提交的摘要字數限制為500字,截止提交日期為2024年4月19日。在提交之前,請仔細閱讀並遵循研討會提供之模板(PDF版本/MS Word版本)。摘要提交無需註冊即可提交提案,但演講者必須註冊參加研討會。提交摘要,請點擊“創建新帳戶”


如有任何關於此摘要提交的問題,請透過以下電子郵件聯繫PPTELL 2024,