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Day 1: Friday, July 1, 2022

Morning session

(8 papers)

Paper Presentation – Parallel
4 paper presentations in each room
Each presentation lasts 15 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A

Room A

Hsueh Chu Chen
Yu-Ju Lan, Scott Grant, and Hsiao Yun Chang
Improving pragmatic skills in the workplace for adults with ASD through self-directed learning in VR
Zhongling Pi
Facial expressions contribute more than body movements in video lecturers to learn second language vocabulary?
Chia Ching Karen Tsai, Yu-ping Hsu, Chuan-Kuo Shan
Integrating Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) with Experiential Learning to improve Students’ English Proficiency
Hsueh Chu Chen & Xiao Na Zhou
Integrating Learner Corpus into English Pronunciation Teaching and Learning

Room B

Cheng-Ting Chen
Cheng-Ting Chen
Using Reading Pen to Facilitate English Reading Comprehension
Hui-chia Shih
The Effects of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) Training and AI-Supported Mobile Learning on Low-Achieving University EFL Students’ Development of Their SRL Capacity
Chujie Dai, Huan Huang
Learner agency in synchronous online language learning: A micro-level investigation
Alexandra Lopez Vera
Implicit Instruction of Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns in Spanish through Technology-Mediated Task-Based Language Teaching

Afternoon session

(4 papers)

Paper Presentation
4 paper presentations
Each presentation lasts 15 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A

Room A

Huixin Wang
Jing Zhang, Jianrong Zhou, Miaolang Long, Peng Zhang, Ning Ma
Paper or Screen? A Comparative Analysis on the Reading Behavior Patterns of Chinese College Students
Yu-Ju Lan and Scott Grant
Virtual ChatBot enhancing self-directed learning by CFL learners
Huixin Wang, Faiza Khalid, Hongliang Ma, Yunbo Jin, Yu Zeng, Jinmei Sun
Impact of digital storytelling on writing competency in K-12 education: A systematic review
Li-Jen Wang, Ying-Tien Wu
The effects of Online Collaborative Knowledge Building Learning activities on University EFL Students Argumentative Essay Writing


Day 2: Saturday, July 2, 2022
(10 papers)
Paper Presentation – Parallel
5 paper presentations in each room
Each presentation lasts 15 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A

Room A

Wen-Chun Chen
Li-Tang Yu
A Systematic Review on Blogging-Assisted Second Language Learning
Hsiujen Cheng, Hong Zhan
A case study of VR game-based learning of Chinese Vocabulary
Yin Yang, Yanjie Song
Chatbot-assisted language learning: A systematic review of 2012-2021 publications
Min Zhao, Shurui Hu
A Review of Cognitive Load Research at Home and Abroad Based on Knowledge Map -- Current Situation and Enlightenment
Wen-Chun Chen
Worldview Construction through Blended Debate: Cultivating Critical English News Readers/Viewers

Room B

Jun Chen Hsieh
Jun Chen Hsieh
Multimodal digital storytelling presentations among EFL middle-school learners: Emotions, grit, and perceptions
Yu-Ching Lin, Hsiu-Hua Chiang, Nian-Shing Chen, & Vivien Lin
Transforming English Learning through Textbook Augmentation and Task Redefinition Using Educational Robots and IoT-based Tangible Objects
Tao Xu, Xu Wang, Peirong Guo, Qian Chen, Yun Zhou
How the Portrait and Behavior of AI-Generated Pedagogical Agent Affects Academic English Learning
Grace Yue Qi, Kevan Loke
Designing for digitally immersive language scripts acquisition
Hsuan Li, Chin-Chin Tseng
Robot-Assisted Language Learning from the Chinese as a Second Language Teacher's Perspective



Poster Presentation

Day 1:

Day 2:

Second Life – Poster Presentation & Social Networking
 (Q&A in Second Life)
Second Life Shurui Hu, Min Zhao
The Effects of Using Padlet on Cultivating Transfer Ability in mobile learning
Amy Collinsworth
Pilot Study: Does gender play a role in teachers' decisions in implementing 3D printing into the curriculum
Venny Gunawan, Wen-Chi Vivian Wu, Fang-Ying Riva Lo
Augmented Reality Game-Based Language Learning: Enhancing Vocabulary Acquisition and Motivation of EFL Young Learners in a Rural Area